it's really nice to have you here.

But before you get started, there are a few things you should know.

Because the core of our business is based on slow fashion methods - we do not keep large quantities of any items! At any given time there may be less than 3 items in stock of each style. Therefore your order might have to be produced before its shipped. With that, please allow us a lead time of around one week minimum to produce your order, and then we will ship it as soon as its done!

You can contact us directly using the messenger app, or via email to find out the status of your order and communicate with us.

Thank you for choosing us to dress in! We hope you have a great shopping experience.

Love, the Loskop team ❤︎

Who are we?

Loskop is a purveyor of high quality, colourful basics. We are a local brand that designs, sources and manufactures all garments in Cape Town, South Africa.

Designed for the individuals that aren't influenced by trends, but rather those who value a bold sense of style - staying true to their unique taste. Timeless, high quality and ethically made pieces are our key values. We want our clothing to radiate positivity into every individual that purchases from us.

Our aim

Loskop exists to provide authentic clothing that is ethically-made, yet affordable at the same time. We believe that ethical fashion should be accessible for all.

All of our garments are stitched up in the Mother City.