Capri Dress

R 950.00

The perfect, oversized baby doll dress for any occasion! Both models pictured above wear our medium size. Size down if you would prefer a less oversized look.

Please note that our milky beige colourway fabric has changed and is the same as the royal blue fabric pictured above. 

SMALL - Our small size is made for the smaller busted girls/ or those that don't want to show off any cleavage. Go for a small if that sounds like you! It is still oversized and loose fitting as that is the style of the dress - the V line cut just doesn’t sit as low as the medium size. Waist width is 55cm and length is 80cm.

MEDIUM - Our medium size dress fits all ladies between the sizes of a UK12-UK14. Length is 80cm from top of shoulder to the bottom hem. Width of the waist area is 57cm wide. 

LARGE - Choose a large if you are a D cup in bra size AND you are normally a dress size UK14 and above. Length is 90cm from top of shoulder to the bottom of the hem. Width of the middle cut is 63cm.

Care instructions (keeping our planet in mind) : Wash less, wash cold, and only line dry! Absolutely no tumble drying! Up to 70% of all the emissions across a garment’s lifecycle is caused during washing. For that reason we encourage our customers to be conscious about how they wash + care for their garments - you'll make them last a lot longer if you do those 2 things correctly.