Our sustainability efforts

Loskop's production model is based on a slow model - we do not manufacture stock in large quantities or at a fast pace. We only produce 5 or less items at a time. With the little waste fabric that we do have - we keep and make any smaller once-off items that we can. The smaller scraps are also used to make headbands/scrunchies and donated to a local charity. We aim to have a zero-waste production system.

In addition to that, we also have a rental model within our business - we hire out our festival attire to the ladies who don't want to buy a new outfit for every festival or event they go to. We believe by incorporating this rental model into our business - we are promoting the circular economy model - which seeks to move beyond fashion’s linear model of take, make and waste. You can DM us to arrange a fitting for any of our rental items.

All the production of our clothing is done in our garage at home, where we employ two lovely local women to cut and sew all our garments. Because our clothing is made locally, it has much less of a carbon footprint than clothing that has been made and imported from factories overseas. 

Sustainability and transparency are our top values! We want to create beautiful clothing and change the fashion industry for the better! By supporting small local brands like us - you are growing our countries economy and helping to save the planet 💕